Newsletters for Atlanta HOAsNeighbors can get to know neighbors at community events. But without regular updates, homeowners may continue on with their busy lives and miss out on the activities close to home with their neighbors.

Newsletters are a great tool to share the latest activities and events that bring your neighborhood together.   Here are a few tips in how to get one started:

1.  Keep it simple

A newsletter doesn’t have to be 15 pages of detailed info put out weekly.  Being in charge of such a monstrosity would be burdensome and difficult to keep up.  Instead, keep it to one page with one or two sides on paper.

2.  Give specific details

If you want folks to attend, you need to give them enough information to make the decision to come.  Include the basics:

  • WHAT
  • WHY
  • HOW
  • WHEN
  • TIME

3.  Include more than just text in the newsletter

Take photos around the property to include or even photos from the last event.  Folks relate best to photos of other people and places they know.