Approved Business Partner List

Silverleaf Management has a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen each vendor before authorizing service requests and bidding out contracts. To do this, we have signed up with a third-party vendor compliance firm named VIVE.

VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. To continue a relationship with us, vendors must register with VIVE. The Registration process is streamlined and straightforward, taking less than 15 minutes and comes with a nominal annual fee.

Vendors are required to update their information on an annual basis to keep current information on hand and properly tracked. Our accounting system cannot cut a check when our tracking shows that an insurance policy has lapsed. Proper insurance is one of the critical management tools we provide to limit exposure for our clients.

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Vendor Compliance With VIVE

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Benefits of

  • Increase exposure to Silverleaf

  • Easy search results for Silverleaf to select for bid opportunities
  • Approval is good for entire Silverleaf portfolio

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  • Level the playing field

  • Reduced competition from unqualified vendors

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Simple, Fast
and Easy

  • 15 minute process to register

  • Approval is good for 12 months

What is

  • Corporate Information

  • Trade and License Information

  • Complete a W-9 and Vendor Agreement

  • Pay Annual Fee

Request Resale Documents

Our real estate partners may find they need resale documents to successfully complete a sale. To facilitate your document requests, we have partnered with CondoCerts.

CondoCerts will provide access to the following documents:

  • CCR’s
  • Condo Questionnaires
  • Closing Letters
  • Minutes / Financials / Budgets